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[Drama Review] 'Lucky Romance' - Episode 15

By eric_r_wirsing   Thursday, July 14, 2016   7,423   1,067   1



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Flipping off the computer sometimes works

Soo Ho is taken to the hospital, but Bo Nui runs off, thinking this was her fault. She quits her job, takes Bo Ra out of the hospital, and goes into hiding. He searches for her, and on the way mends fences with his parents. Dal Nim and Ryang Ha get closer. When Soo Ho finds Bo Nui, he suggests they break up, but do so in the right way. And tells her to come to him when she's ready. Time passes, and Soo Ho has a new startup, Daebak Software. On his desk is a present, and our two leads, separately, set off for somewhere, smiling.

Okay, they fooled me. I thought he had enough of her and superstition and prophecy, and decided to dump her. But that's not what he did at all. Believe me, it raises my hackles when I was watching because I didn't want them to do that. They are too cute together!  But I see what Soo Ho's doing. He knows that in time, when she's ready, they'll be together again. Not how it works in real life but, hey -- it's decidedly not real life.

Falling asleep on your date -- not a way to score points

Now Soo Ho has a new company. Apparently it took him a year to do it, but I'm not surprised. In a way it again mirrors Steve Jobs (R.I.P.) who did much the same thing after leaving Apple. He certainly seems broke, as chairs break and blinds don't work right. I'm sure it's just a set piece, a quick way to show what's going on. And maybe not...

Regardless of the outcome I still have to call BS on Bo Nui running away. So the guy you love is laying in the hospital, probably needs you more than ever, so you run away. It's a common drama trope, but it still irks me. Besides, if what he says is true, that she believes everyone she loves ends up leaving, wouldn't you not want to be the person who leaves?

The Pokémon Go! app says there's one right outside. I'll just grab my IV stand...

I'm looking forward to the last installment. I guess we have to see where everyone winds up, even as the series winds down. My predictions? Amy takes a job in Seoul, Gary continues to trade off his celebrity, and joins the Summer Olympic tennis team. Bo Nui and Soo Ho get back together, and Dal Nim and Ryang Ha officially start dating? Did I miss anything?

There's only one episode left. It'll be bittersweet, saying our goodbyes. But hey, at least we can binge watch it start to finish.




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miss_daisy Tuesday, July 19, 2016

First of all, if this wasn't a drama and happens in real life, I couldn't have imagined how she could run away like that. It’ll be the biggest regret of one's life. Leaving someone you love was HURT AND IN PAIN and on top of that, when he HAVE LITERALLY NOTHING and WHEN NEEDED HER THE MOST. Personally, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE BREAK UP WALK - Mr Je (husband goals!) - despite clinging on to her-he gave her her space and time that she needed ( like he always did ) - proving that a mature break up is possible- or should we call taking some time away from each other ? For me, the reason why he was so composed and calm was that because he knows her heart .The break up wasn't out of a changed heart or out of love-it was a sacrifice she made- giving away her happiness and moments with him. So, if she could sacrifice for him - he was willing enough to do the same too- even if it hurts as h**l. I loved how the scene that they are walking together portrays every good, ups and downs ( when he helped him crossed the pathway ) and the beautiful memories they created together. He who took the lead during the walk as a mean of he's not going anyway and is always going to be in front of her- she just need to believe and lean on him. AND TO RETURN TO HIM WHEN SHE WAS READY. The flower he asked from her which meant to show how he'll try to cherish every beautiful memory that she gave him together. awww..... My hearts broke in pieces in this scene. And with that, any beautiful soul here kind enough to tell me what is the background music used when they walk together?




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