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Posted by jubilantj Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Netizens come to the defense of IOI's Yoo Yeon Jung

Former 'Produce 101' contestant and now IOI member Yoo Yeon Jung was recently attacked by netizens for being overly enthusiastic in the group's new "Crush" MV. She was seen shoving and pushing the other members aside, and some netizens took issue with Yoo Yeon Jung's seemingly uncontrollable energy. 


However, others have noted that Yoo Yeon Jung wasn't the only member of IOI who was acting extra hyper in the MV. A netizen shared specific still cuts from the MV and tried to convince everyone that other IOI members were also overly excited and enthusiastic. 

The netizen started off, "These days Yoo Yeon Jung seems to be a hot topic due to her character but I learned the truth. I'm neither a fan nor an anti of Yoo Yeon Jung but when I saw that Pann post I thought that Yoo Yeon Jung stepped out of line so I watched the MV and I saw that the other girls were also shoving one another too but they just made it seem like Yoo Yeon Jung was the only one who did it with manipulated editing lolool. Just watch." 

"In the beginning, Pinky was in the front."

"Then Kim Do Yeon shoves her aside. It's not 'evil editing,' go see for yourself. I was going to make a gif but didn't know how."

"This is when Yoo Yeon Jung was about to turn to dance but Pinky hopped out in front of her." 

"This here girl is excited all by herself when everyone else is dancing~~~"

"Here everyone is just frolicking in front of the camera because they're hyped.

"This is when [Yoo Yeon Jung] was playing in front of the camera with Kim Se Jung. Kim Se Jung hopped off laughing and Yoo Yeon Jung's hyper expression left her face; I think she was resting a bit because she thought that part would be edited out since Kim Se Jung is out of the picture but that's just what I think.

"And here is the part that became such a big issue lololol. Other members were also more excited during her part so I don't know why everyone's just bashing on Yoo Yeon Jung. From what I hear, they still don't have a label backing them, and because of various other problems, they won't last even a couple months so love 'em or hate 'em all you want. But I just hope you'll know this is the truth." 

Most people seem to agree with the OP; the top comments read, "If you watch the MV, Pinky also gets way too excited. I do feel like Yoo Yeon Jung is the one taking all the heat. I think it's because she was really ambitious for the main vocal position ever since 'Produce 101'!! So it's important [to show] how you behave normally...." "She was only dancing like that because that was her part so I laughed when people said shit lolololol," "I bet these people never even watched the MV lol," "Pinky also does whatever the hell she wants but I don't see anyone bashing her," "Mnet, you retards, why don't you give us an actual MV?

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