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4minute offers best fan service ever (AKA free food)

Forget seeing your favorite idols hug or having them hug you--what if they just kept gifting you like everyday was Christmas? 4minute has been doing just that. While promoting their fierce and popular track "Crazy," 4minute has been showing love for their fans via their 'Everyday Fan Support' events.

For the five weeks since the release of their sixth mini album, 4minute has held their 'Everyday Fan Support' event around 23 times at train stations, where they would personally hand fans their prepared gifts.

4minute's gifts varied according to the day. While on Lunar New Year, they prepared traditionaltteokguk (rice cake soup), on a very dusty day (yellow dust), they offered face masks. For one event, they even posed with fans for romantic polaroid pictures. In the mornings, they offered kimbab and at night, nutritional vitamins. Finally, for Valentine's Day they offered chocolates and for White Day they gave out cups of jjajangmyun (black bean noodles).

What's even cuter is that some of 4minute's gifts made references to their song "Crazy" or just to the group itself. In the pictures shown above, while Sohyun holds a bar that says, "They must be crazy," on the bottom right, another picture shows a coffee cup that reads "Coffee 4rince," combining 4minute's name with a 'Coffee Prince' reference.

4minute really went out of their way to thank their fans for this round of promotions. And for good reason as "Crazy" is still doing well on the charts. Anyone else wish they were in Korea to get some of that free food and 4minute love?

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