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Jessi (Jessica H.o.) talks about her true personality off-camera

(Jessica H.o.) Jessi
'Unpretty Rapstar's aggressive member�Jessi (Jessica H.o.) was recently featured in an interview with OSEN where she revealed a glimpse of her real personality aside from what viewers see on-air.�

She started off the interview by stating, "I'm actually soft-hearted," with a comfortable yet confident smile across her face. Jessi continued, "When I watch the show, it is true that I give off a tough vibe, but it's not the way I feel."�

Although the female rapper first garnered much attention for her blunt and offensive lyrics and straightforward charisma on the show, Jessi explained throughout the interview that she is much more than what meets the eye.

Jessi continued, "I watched every episode of 'Unpretty Rapstar.' Honestly, I get really nervous so I get scared each time I watch the episodes. I would get nervous because it's not like I'm just rapping but because it is a reality [show]... but the more I do it the more fun it gets."

When talking about her initial impression on the show, Jessi acknowledged the fact that she did come off strong, but hinted that more of her personality will be shown as the program unfolds. She said, "At first, I came out really strong. Honestly, I can see how people would get scared by the way I came across. However, I'm not really like that. If you watch the show from start to beginning, you'll be able to see my real personality. I'm human so I would lose my temper and get tired, but I also have fun and take care of the younger ones."�

The interviewer also brought up the diss rap on an early episode that first piqued the interest of the viewers. Jessi said, "Honestly, when we do battles, I do have confidence, but my heart hurts when I curse off other people.�It's not that I genuinely hate the person, but it's just for that particular battle so I would always feel bad [afterwards]."�

She continued, "I regretted a lot of things during 'Unpretty Rapstar' because of all the hardships, but I am thankful for those who showed me love for who I am. I want to continue to work hard."�

Previously, Jessi revealed that she gets along with the cast of 'Unpretty Rapstar' behind the scenes and further explained that she and Lil Cham contact each other off-air from time to time.�

  1. (Jessica H.o.) Jessi
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