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Posted by alim178 pts Monday, November 4, 2013

Four people indicted for leaving malicious comments about Baek Ji Young's miscarriage

Baek Ji Young

It was revealed previously that some netizens had been leaving malicious comments about Baek Ji Young's miscarriage, essentially blaming her for what was an unfortunate occurrence.  Due to their overt hostility, harsh accusations and hurtful remarks, Baek Ji Young had eventually decided to take legal action.  She already said she was suing eleven men in their late teens and mid-twenties for spreading such rumors about her involvement in the miscarriage.  On November 5 in Korea, it was revealed that four netizens were apprehended by the police for leaving malicious comments on-line.


Nineteen-year-old Mr. Noh was one of the four people who were booked and indicted without physical detention at Seoul's Suseo Police Station.

According to the prosecutor, Mr. Noh and the others were charged for going too far with malicious personal attacks left on the internet for over a month starting back in May. The investigation revealed that Mr. Noh was a public service worker while the other people who left vicious comments were ordinary students or businessmen.  

A rep from the prosecution office said, "The topic of what these people posted on the internet is one that embarrasses them as soon as they try to talk about it . . . They took advantage of the internet's anonymity and wrote those words without any inhibitions."

Using this circumstance as an opportunity, the prosecutors are planning to strictly handle any malicious writers or circulators who try to damage others' characters from now on.

Source: StarNews via Nate

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