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Girls' Generation's Jessica and Yuri also own villas in Gangnam


Recently, it was revealed that Girls' Generation's Seohyun had purchased a villa in Gangnam, but it appears she was not the only member to do so.  It has been confirmed that fellow members Jessica and Yuri had also bought luxurious villas in Cheongdam-dong in Seoul's Gangnam district.


According to the medium-to-small building asset management enterprise, With Us Asset Investment, Jessica successfully bid on an auctioned house back in December 21, 2011.  The house is located in the Cheongdam-dong's Sangji Ritzville #10, has around 2,500 square feet of living space, and cost her 1.2 billion won (~ $1.1 million USD).  As the liabilities relationship was complicated, the house had experienced failures in bidding twice; hence, she got a good deal and bought the house 300 million won (~ $280,000 USD) cheaper than it's estimated value of approximately 1.55 billion won (~ $1.4 million USD)

To purchase this house, Jessica borrowed 102 million won (~ $95,000 USD) from Hana Bank and paid all of it back after two months.  The ownership was transferred to her in January, 2012.  The place has three bedrooms and three bathrooms.  Another SM artist, BoA, also purchased a place in Sangji Ritzville #10 back in 2007.

Girls' Generation's Yuri also purchased a villa in Sangji Ritzville of Cheongdam-dong, except hers is in the 9th building.  She purchased the roughly 2,200 square feet home in September, 2012 for about 1.7 billion won (~ $1.55 million USD).  Yuri had borrowed about 700 million won (~ $650,000 USD).  It was a good choice in equity as the current market value for her place is considered to be almost 2 billion won (~ $1.9 million USD).  It has four bedrooms and three bathrooms, each bedroom having a walk-in closet and access to a bathroom.

Representatives revealed that the location was advantageous because its thorough security makes it very safe and helps protect their private lives.

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