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SECRET's Hyosung to star alongside actress Oh Ji Eun in the upcoming OCN drama 'Detective Cheoyong Who Sees Ghosts'

SECRET, Hyosung

Actress Oh Ji Eun and SECRET's Hyosung have been cast for OCN's new drama series, 'Detective Cheoyong Who Sees Ghosts.'

The two ladies will be starring alongside actor Oh Ji Ho. Oh Ji Eun will play the role of a fierce female detective while Hyosung is to play the role of a teenage ghost who helps the detectives solve mysterious crimes.

The drama will follow the story of two detectives who use the 'dead signs' left behind by the spirits of victims at the crime scenes to solve mysterious cases. 

Fans are highly anticipating the new series since dramas with paranormal themes are currently the trend, and also because it's the first time Hyosung will take on a role in a drama.

The drama is set to start shooting in the middle of August and will premiere on the night of October 6th!

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