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Posted by GhostWriter Saturday, August 24, 2013

E-Sens responds to Gaeko with 'True Story' and Simon D drops 'Control' in response to Swings

Simon D, E-Sens, Gaeko, Swings
The hip hop atmosphere is heating up in Korea as the former Supreme Team members have made their response. E-Sens has responded to Gaeko with "True Story" and Simon D dropped "Control" aimed at Swings.


First up, we have E-Sens with "True Story".

"You can never trap me. You're all frauds.

Before you got pissed, the only thing I saw was fake.

Now your true side came out.

I kindly fed you medicine and you curse me out. You dare to step to the king here?

Why didn't you say that from the beginning.

Why didn't you say, "I'll save you even though you have nothing to lose, just listen to the company"?

Are you an eel or a snake?

f*ck, you keep pretending you're nice

The last PR that the bad hyung did.

You're making me into an idiot who took everything, got chased away, and cursed you out.

I can see clearly through you.

How did you bear the smell of my sh*t? Your dog-nose.

Let's be honest. 

Everyone wants an answer to the rhyme that a reporter could have written instead. This is the main event.

When I failed, I said, I'll give back hundredfold.

I never whined.

2 years later, you gave me the slave contract.

When I asked what was the real damage, 

You told me to sue the company.

If I give you 200,000,000 KRW and leave quietly, you'll discount 800,000,000 KRW?

Don't even joke, I knew you were lying.

You thought I was an idiot and talked as if you were being nice.

I definitely said that I won't evade responsibility.

Who betrayed who in this story?

f*ck you go to hell. 

We tremble asking for a vacation

Your stupid manager was too scared to say I couldn't go to broadcast,

So he told me to move my father's burial rites to the weekend.

f*ck you to go hell.

You're that kind of people.

You knew everything but if I ask, you say "Sorry, I didn't know".

Don't be a dick. You're the fake, rotting shell.

If not that, you're a coward who's scared of your older sister's skirt.

Stuff like that comes out in South Park

The evil road of darkness that the evil ones raise pretending they're the future

Tell me, who's evil?

Yeah, you're really Amoeba Culture to the core

If you know embarrassment, get out with your role model talk.

My representative song is going to be "Poison" even 10 years from now? So what?

What did you do for me? The fact that you tortured me?

Even the money I got from that, you used and threw out.

You're saying that I made more while I was making debts up than you did?

Do you think I liked doing that?

You knew what I was feeling better than anyone.

I made 300,000,000 KRW doing that sh*t and now I owe 1,000,000,000 KRW.

You said that if I didn't want to get my mother's and older sister's money stolen,

I should just shut up and listen to you.

If you talk about my family again, I'll really kill you.

A cool attitude that said even if it doesn't work at first,

you'll let me do music for 10 years.

The two of your words and actions don't match.

You say it's for the culture, but you're all thugs.

1,000,000,000 is a number you and your friends like

That manager that stole money from the musician is your sister

And the idiots under that. The friends close as cock

Before telling me I'm rude, check your asses first.

Now you say I'm pessimistic and that I'm sick for attention

Now you're trying to line those words up to fix my existence?

Your vulpine eyes are already impure, admit it.

You don't represent rappers, you represent the dirty entertainment.

Who's the one who was brave

and who's the one who cheated while hiding?

I'm stepping out. Don't worry, my passion is still like fire.

Speak up if I lied about anything here.

Next Up we have Simon D with "Control".

"Label, step back for a bit. 

Even if it's breaking the contract, I have the rights to make a new rule since I've rolled like a dog.

Major, I've lived through the past 5 years.

What became poison to some became my weapon/

Yeah, my label used to pretend it was nice.

Like Dynamic Duo's music, it finally sounds like hip hop now that you've bared your teeth.

Sens wanted to be cursed at and hit. Like that.

The anger that came from lack of attention changed the dynamics.

The dogs that watch say I'm the fox, but wait?

Sens wouldn't diss me so vaguely. Don't let your guard down

E-Sens vs Amoeba Culture, E-Sens vs Dynamic Duo

I had a lot of problems with them, too, but they didn't get along

I couldn't hold hands with either one

I always held tightly onto my little brother's wrist.

Really. The selfish fighting. The fighting without an answer is only next.

The painful noise is at the end of the silent scream.

There's definitely parts that are my fault in the fighting, I admit it.

I always pretended I was winning in the shieldless fight.

I couldn't do much but make money.

Even outside of the canvas of the verse I grew tired of writing, I had to stand lonely.

It's funny to blame not being able to adapt now.

I hide both sides of myself, the one that adapted with or without Sens.

People say that I became the victim of the victim

Because I avoided it, the damage became a chance

I'm going to become a reason for living, like you search for god when you die

I don't trust business, I make them trust me.


To be honest, this fight is getting bloody

I'm going to go for blood, but you just sh*t everywhere

You don't have the right to speak the truth. We already saw blood

You just sold my name to get #1, you f*cker.

That's my last mercy. The fake "Show Me The Money"

brand new pussy. You knelt down in front of the contract.

You pig, you're still not ripe on top of the fire

You're not raw or rare, just disgusting.

If I'm scared of you, you might hit the first blow,

But I kept you alive as a necessary evil.

just jam is a place where people go to see your tits

Ugly Duck's overblown interpretation is the first

Do you think I'm 30 years old and was just random? Dick.

When talking about that part, your breath got short. Just die. By passing out.

I was 100% sincere when I said, let's drink.

Now, just stick an apple in your mouth. Sepak Takraw, bitch

You loved JTONG. I didn't steal him.

F*ck JM. Why did you leave out the part where you locked JTONG up?

Why did you try to give him a manager before you gave him your dick contract?

You even tried to easily steal the name South Town

He was so innocent, you don't know how much he suffered

He regrets his past where you were his boss

All the good kids just come to my side

Thanks for trashing yourself out, you f*cking Moon Jihoo

You say you're Sens' best friend, but you don't know sh*t about his feelings

Do I have to say everything? Rubbing your ears.

Your fans must be disappointed, you f*cker.

I was a bit disappointed in my fans, too. They stayed up all night because they couldn't trust me?

Your parents told you to avoid scary looking people.

Stop looking at his life, just saying, in case you get twisted.

Your fanfic dreams up thinking of Sens.

Yeah, it'll become legend. the best of erotic sh*t

Sens left the label because of your imagined pregnancy

But your morning sickness continues. There's only JTONG left.

I pretended to be nice and smiled on the TV

But who's the one who was doing sh*t in the back?

Ask your friend if I'm the type to betray people

The one thing for sure is that you don't have the truth.

Get it, you motherf*cker?

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