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Posted by serendipity Saturday, August 24, 2013

Dynamic Duo's Gaeko fires back at E-Sens with track 'I Can Control You'

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With E-Sens calling him out with the track "You Can't Control Me", Dynamic Duo's Gaeko has responded with his own - "I Can Control You".

As mentioned before, Korean hip hop scene has been busy as of late with Swings challenging various rappers through his diss track. However it was E-Sens who brought in the big guns as he did not go after fellow rappers but his former agency Amoeba Culture and one of its founders, Gaeko.

E-Sens let out the thoughts he had in his mind ever since his split with Amoeba Culture accusing them of acting like thugs and cosplaying as nice people with some strong lyrics, and reminded them that they "can't control him". He also singled out Gaeko, telling him to respond. 

Gaeko has now responded to his call with "I Can Control You", even taking a jab at E-Sens' marijuana scandal.

The lyrics are as follows.

"The last promotion this bad hyung is doing for a dongseng whose heart has already left
It'll probably dilate for the first time in a while, your pupils, which are always loose
I'll play along since you're about Pat Healy level, I'm Aldo
Brush those ashes off you and wash that t-shirt you spilled alcohol on yesterday
I gave my talents even when I was only sleeping half the time
While you gave the hardworking rapper kids marijuana
Look at the reaction you receive to the rap you make sober 'this bastard is high'
Look at the picture of you with your head down on Naver search 'this bastard is high'
You take a shit and you expect the company to clean it up
Betraying the hyung who endured it all and turning your back with a KakaoTalk message
Doing this because of the those around me thanks to your sneer and pessimism, hey you, the money you made is more than what I made
I'll buy a pen from you snob
A worm has to succeed to become a snake rather than a loach
The 10th daebak album BAAAM I made with rap-daemul
Bang bang the bell has rung, although it's not a competition that I need to do, I'm still coming you dirty entertain
You're a poser catching wind on the rotation mode of a fan
The ones who get swept away are attention-seeking patients like you
Your cancer-like existence, your existence itself is poison
Even 10 years from now, your representative track will be Primary's "Poison"
Or 'Oh the kid who dissed Gaeko' 'The kid that dug his own grave and buried himself' 'The kid who retired without ever achieving much of anything'
The freehug I gave you when you were whining and crying
I've erased the memories of respect I had of you before the law is brought in
It's time for you to distinguish between bravery and stupidity, save your words you brainless person who doesn't know how to do anything except complain
A soldier of the barracks, don't kid yourself, I am the king, just lie low at home what do you think you can do, you're going to serve time in a windowless prison, I'll punish you
I am not a business man but tomorrow I'll sit in business class
I'm a pretty busy person go f*ck yourself
You used to say like it was a habit, Gaeko hyung is my role model
From this moment on, I'm once again your role model

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Having become implicated in this whole battle with Swings taking a stab accusing him of betraying E-Sens, Simon D has also forewarned that he may be responding to all this as well, so stay tuned! 

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