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Autographed K-Pop merchandise extravaganza giveaway!

By leeeunduk   Friday, May 31, 2013   266,990   33,760   63,503



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Hello everyone! 


With the initial launch of the new site, we had a lot on our plate fixing up bugs and issues. Yesterday, we rolled out the first major patch, and a lot of the loading errors and issues should now be resolved! We want to thank you all for being patient with us and for supporting us during this frustrating period.


And, well, this giveaway is our way of saying thank you for your loyal support!


So let's get started! How extravagant is it? Well you have 32 chances to win these items listed below: (Please note, ALL physical items are autographed!)




June 1st, 2013-   2013 B.A.P Matoki Desk Calendar 


June 2nd, 2013- 2013 B.A.P Matoki Desk Calendar 


June 3rd, 2013- M.I.B Money In the Building Album


June 4th, 2013- M.I.B Money In the Building Album


June 5th, 2013- Ailee Invitation Album


June 6th, 2013- Ailee Invitation Album


June 7th, 2013- B.A.P Rain Sound Single


June 8th, 2013- B.A.P Rain Sound Single


June 9th, 2013- TaeTiSeo Twinkle Album 


June 10th, 2013- TaeTiSeo Twinkle Album 


June 11th, 2013- Block B Blockbuster Album


June 12th, 2013- Block B Blockbuster Album


June 13th, 2013- Girl's Day Expectation Album


June 14th, 2013- Girl's Day Expectation Album


June 15th, 2013- EXO MAMA Album


June 16th, 2013- EXO MAMA Album


June 17th, 2013- SECRET Letter From Secret Album 


June 18th, 2013- SECRET Letter From Secret Album 


June 19th, 2013- Block B Blockbuster Album


June 20th, 2013- Block B Blockbuster Album


June 21st, 2013- 6,000 AP (Head over to our shop to find out what you can unlock!)


June 22nd, 2013- 6,000 AP (Head over to our shop to find out what you can unlock!)


June 23rd, 2013- B.A.P One Shot Album


June 24th, 2013- B.A.P One Shot Album


June 25th, 2013- SHINee Sherlock Album 


June 26th, 2013- SHINee Sherlock Album 


June 27th, 2013- Girls' Generation I Got A Boy Album


June 28th, 2013- Girls' Generation I Got A Boy Album


June 29th, 2013- EXO MAMA Album


June 30th, 2013- EXO MAMA Album


July 1st, 2013- Super Junior Sexy Free & Single Album


July 2nd, 2013- Super Junior Sexy Free & Single Album




Whew, since that long list is out of the way, you are probably wondering how do I get my hands on one of the items above?


Simple, all you have to do is share this article via Facebook or Twitter and leave a Comment


This giveaway officially ends July 2nd, 2013 at 11:59PM EST




June 1st, 2013- fallendreams 


June 2nd, 2013- karmun92 


June 3rd, 2013- stephaniev 


June 4th, 2013- B2UTY007 


June 5th, 2013- KellieCYP 


June 6th, 2013- kpopjunkie15


June 7th, 2013- gwiyomiwhale 


June 8th, 2013- BadChemicalGirl


June 9th, 2013- thatexobuffalolyfe 


June 10th, 2013- aditkyler 


June 11th, 2013- yifan 

June 12th, 2013- MirUsako 

June 13th, 2013- jaywalking 

June 14th, 2013- xxxonchikxxx [Please check your inbox]

June 15th, 2013- jessstanleytho


June 16th, 2013- indecisivechibi 


June 17th, 2013- nique-lee 

June 18th, 2-13- _Samantha_3


June 19th, 2013- seiwei [Please check your inbox]

June 20th, 2013- jeneisia 

June 21st, 2013- HoneyHearts 

June 22nd, 2013- kookybananas919 

June 23rd, 2013- maggieay 

June 24th, 2013- megaflash2 

June 25th, 2013- jannn421 

June 26th, 2013- lydiagyau [Please check your inbox]

June 27th, 2013- sarahshawol [Please check your inbox]

June 28th, 2013- ClassicGummyBear 

June 29th, 2013- Hoyuki 

June 30th, 2013-  cvskp23 

July 1st, 2013- phapkuzt [Please check your inbox]

July 2nd, 2013- heyraewsup [Please check your inbox]

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ainnx Friday, December 27, 2013

Hi! Are you selling VIXX autographed album. Any albums from VIXX is fine. I'm really desperate finding it. I also really need it urgently. Please msg or whatsapp me at 98874834 or email me at (ainn 846 @ gmail . com) -> My email NO spacing . Tyvm ^^ ;

atoeva10 Friday, September 27, 2013

how they didn't confirmed till now O.o

mooseyfate Thursday, September 19, 2013

Hey, if that Block B album isn't claimed, I'll take it :D :D ;

xxxibandrea Monday, September 9, 2013

why am i too late

peach_ricecake Sunday, August 4, 2013

Aww...some people haven't claimed their albums yet T.T *Sigh* I really wanted to get the I Got ;a Boy album T.T ;But this was truly a great contest put together. Thank you allkpop for doing this!

lauren_nguyen Sunday, August 4, 2013


milostoast Sunday, July 28, 2013

awesome contest

vaanessaaxd Tuesday, July 23, 2013

good luck to everyone! <3 :'') saranghaeyo! :'* <33

chrupinka Friday, July 12, 2013

eww ;(

ctranii Tuesday, July 9, 2013

if only allkpop would still give em out for ppl who didnt check inboxes

sigh... ;

Streetcong Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I'd would be more than willing to take the girl's day off their hands ;D

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