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Posted by AKP STAFF Friday, May 3, 2013

A Cube Entertainment and Yookyung's father give conflicting reports on Yookyung's departure from A-Pink


Yookyung's label A Cube Entertainment spoke up to state that Yookyung's departure from A-Pink was agreed upon.

Yookyung's father had revealed that Yookyung's leaving was a one-way notification and that they'd only heard about it a short time ago. But when A Cube Entertainment maintained their stance that the reason behind her departure was true, Yookyung's father spoke up again and said, "Please stop giving false information to media. I have no choice but to respond."

A week later on May 2nd, he said, "As you can see from the recent Korean Air attendant situation* or the Lotte Hotel situation*, it is no longer acceptable for you to use people's rights in any way you want just because you are in power. Our society has matured so much in recent years."

A day later on May 3rd, he added, "I have requested her label to issue an honest apology to fans and to return Yookyung to her post. Fans, please help her."

In a phone call with media outlet Sports Donga, A Cube Entertainment replied, "We've been having many discussions about Yookyung's departure with her parents since March. We have an agreement written in place with her parents on her departure, and she left with that agreement. We cannot reveal the contents of the agreement, but we would never make her leave without agreement."

Reference: (*) = Korean Air attendant situation is referring to when a company executive made numerous complaints to a stewardess in Business class of a Korean Airline flight. After the complaints, he hit the stewardess several times with a magazine. When he landed in the United States, the authorities were informed of this and gave him the option of 1) Returning to Korea without being arrested or 2) Being investigated for Terrorism (violence on a flight). Netizens left many negative comments at this company executive for his abhorrent behavior.

(*) = Lotte Hotel situation is referring to when a Chairman of a Bakery parked in the "No Parking" zone of a Lotte Hotel. The doorman of the Hotel politely asked this man to park elsewhere as that is a no parking zone, however, the man turned violent and hit the doorman with his wallet. After the news blew up, the bakery had to close down and numerous meme-like comics were made of this situation.

Source(s): TV Report via Nate, Sports Donga via Naver

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