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Shinhwa used to share underwear when they were trainees


On the May 3rd episode of Mnet's 'Beatles Code 2', Shinhwa revealed that they used to share underwear amongst themselves back when they lived in a dorm together.

MemberMinwoo began by saying, "We were unpacking our underwear when we first got to the dorm, and I noticed that mine were different from everyone else's. I had Superman briefs but everyone else were wearing these cool boxers."

Minwoo apparently had no idea boxers even existed until he moved to Seoul to live with Andy, Hyesung and Eric who were all from the United States. "I shoved my underwear into the corner and started wearing Andy's boxers," he continued.

He went on and shared a story about a time he and Eric got into an argument because he began wearing Eric's boxers. "Eric's boxers were the nicest of everyone's... they were from the States. I was trying on Eric's boxers one day and I saw him staring at me with a peculiar look, but I avoided his eye contact. About a week or two later, Eric came up to me and bluntly told me to stop wearing his underwear."

Minwoo was rather hurt that Eric was not willing to share his belongings. "We got into an argument and I was really mad so I stopped talking to him. But later Eric came up to me and handed and me a new pack of boxers, telling me I could wear these."

Eric who vaguely remembered the situation added, "All I remember is that all the members liked to wear my underwear. I probably only got mad because he wore them without asking."

The hilarious segment begins around the 9:50 mark below.

Source & Image: TVREPORT viaDaum

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