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Plastic surgeons rank the best looking male and female idols


For the first time ever, the number of idol groups promoting in the market will hit 100 by the end of the year. Their popularity is often determined by their fans, but what do the professionals in the industry think of them? E-Daily recently brought together 30 vocal trainers, 27 choreographers, and 18 plastic surgeons to rank the idols according to vocal talent, dancing, and looks. Check out who they ranked as the top in terms of look below! -- In the male group category, 2PM came out on top with six votes, while Super Junior's Choi Siwon topped the male idol member category with five votes. On 2PM, director Kim Jun Sung of ID Cosmetics explained, "They have the most balanced looks. They have very clear and masculine features like sharp nose lines." TVXQ and Big Bang each earned two votes, coming in at a tie in third place. Won Jin Sung stated, "TVXQ has small faces with unique features and have looks that are very appealing to the public. As for Big Bang, they have masculine face lines and know where their strengths and weaknesses lie in, which shows through their fashion sense." On Choi Siwon topping individual member rankings, Park Sang Hoon revealed, "Super Junior's average age has now entered their late 20's, but the more they age, the more masculine they're becoming." 2PM's Nichkhun and Taecyeon each earned three points, Nichkhun for his "youthful face and proportional body" and Taecyeon for his "looks that combine the best of both Western and Eastern features." As for the females, SNSD came out on top with a total of nine points in the group category. One director from Won Jin Plastic Surgery stated, "They match a variety of looks from girlish to sexy and even cute." T-ara placed second with four points, and f(x) and KARA tied for third with two points each. "T-ara matches any concept while f(x) has every image needed like sexy, cute, and androgynous," they continued. Director Seo Young Tae stated, "Overall, the members of KARA have egg-shaped faces with big eyes. Starting with goddess Park Gyuri to Goo Hara, who resembles Amuro Namie, Kang Jiyoung's beauty has also been shining lately." In the individual member category, SNSD's YoonA placed first with a total of seven points. "YoonA has a feminine, smooth face, with clear eyes, nose, and lips." Yuri and T-ara's Jiyeon tied in second with three points each, with Yuri having a"friendly image that's calm and not too extravagant," while Jiyeon for her "charming and gentle eyes." -- Check out the full results below: Male Group 1. 2PM (6) 2. Super Junior (5) 3. TVXQ / Big Bang (2) Male Group member 1. Choi Siwon (4) 2. Nichkhun/Taecyeon (3) Female Group 1. SNSD (9) 2. T-ara (4) 3. KARA / f(x) (2) Female Group member 1. YoonA (7) 2. Yuri / Jiyeon (3) Source + Photos: E-Daily via Naver

  1. TVXQ
  4. KARA
  5. YURI
  6. SNSD
  7. YOONA
  8. 2PM
  10. T-ARA
  13. JIYEON
  14. FX
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