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Posted by AKP STAFF Monday, July 25, 2011

Sousuke Takaoka bashes 'Hallyu': "Korean dramas on TV annoy me"


Sousuke Takaoka, a famous Japanese actor, is under fire after publicly sharing his hostility towards the Hallyu wave. On July 24th, Sousuke Takaoka shared some controversial opinions through his Twitter, saying, "I used to be indebted to Fuji TV in the past, but now I'm suspicious that they may actually be a Korean network" and "I'm questioning about what country I'm in as well". He didn't hold back on his feelings, as he wrote, "It offends me" and "If anything related to Korea is on broadcast, I just turn the TV off". Sousuke explained why he felt this way with, "It troubles me because I feel like I am being brainwashed", and "Since we're in Japan, I would like to see Japanese programs. I get scared every time I hear the word, 'Hallyu'". Although it was only an opinion, the problem is that certain Japanese netizens went on to agree with Takaoka, widely sharing their critical perspective towards the Hallyu wave. Some of these netizens showed their accordance by commenting, "It's true", "I want to stop seeing Korean celebrities", and "Japanese dramas are great enough. I don't know why they need to keep showing Korean dramas'." Korean netizens were dumbfounded and confused, as they wrote, "Korean dramas are exported and broadcast under the decisions of Japanese broadcasting companies and drama producers, but it's a shame to see that people seem to be putting the blame on Korea", "I'm disappointed that an actor who played the role of a Korean-Japanese immigrant said something like this", and "Are they not thinking about Japanese dramas being played in Korea? Are they going to be annoyed by American dramas that's airing over there as well?". Sousuke Takaoka is a famous actor who debuted in 1999 through the drama, "Heaven's Kiss". In particular, he's gained a reputation in Korea through"Pacchigi", where he played the role of 'Lee An Sung', a Korean-Japanese immigrant. He is also the husband of top Japanese actress, Aoi Miyazaki. Source: Sports Seoul via Nate

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