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Korea's top actresses get together for Vogue Korea's 15th anniversary

By    Friday, July 22, 2011   29,825   0   0



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To celebrate their 15th anniversary, fashion magazine 'Vogue Korea' revealed a special pictorial and interviews with 15 of the nation's top actresses. Jang Mi Hee, Lee Mi Sook, Kim Hee Ae, Yum Jung Ah, Kim Yeo Jin, Song Yoon Ah, Ye Ji Won, Kim Yun Jin, Moon Sori, Uhm Ji Won, Kang Hye Jung, Kim Hyo Jin, Hwang Jung Eum, Han Hyo Joo, and Shin Se Kyung all participated in photoshoots that expressed strong, if not unique concepts. In the pictorial, Jang Mi Hee shows off her long hair, a look that best resembles herself from her younger days, while Lee Mi Sook displays a naturally disheveled look that was both sexy and flattering. Kim Hee Ae transformed into Joan of Arc, Yum Jung Ah conveyed the image of an actual actress on set, and Kim Yeo Jin garnered interest for her Puritan-era look. Since Song Yoon Ah is known for her composed image, she took on a look of a 'smooth' woman. Furthermore, Ye Ji Won dyed her hair blonde like Marilyn Monroe's and exhibited the look of a dancer, while Kim Yun Jin had the concept of a female warrior. As for Moon Sori, she decided to wear a hijab; Uhm Ji Won, meanwhile, donned a classic and feminine 1940s outfit. Kang Hye Jung's bohemian concept attracted great attention, while Kim Hyo Jin wore the look of an intellectual. Hwang Jung Eum manifested the concept of a cute girl gone bad by simultaneously showing a naive charm alongside a villainous look. Han Hyo Joo presented the look of a dramatic actress and lastly, Shin Se Kyung displayed the 'Lolita' concept by looking like a youthful girl who's trapped in a cage. In addition, each actresses' honest and lively relay interviews will amuse readers, almost as if they were watching a film. Titled 'Actresses 2', the interviews will share personal stories of their pleasures and joys of being an average woman, even though they have the glamorous career of actresses. Jang Mi Hee tells stories of classic actresses like Jung Yoon Hee and Yoo Ji In from back in the day. Lee Mi Sook talks of how she will exercise and live like an actress, physically and mentally, until her death. Yum Jung Ah opens up about not associating herself with being a princess or an actress, and Kang Hye Jung relays the dramatic scenes of giving birth. Kim Hyo Jin, meanwhile, confesses that she loves Yoo Ji Tae increasingly with time. And finally, Moon Sori shares how she cooly responded to criticisms like 'Your depth is deep, but your width is narrow' from her director husband, Jang Joon Hwan. Vogue Korea's 15th anniversary pictorial can be found in the August issue of the magazine. [gallery] Source: Newsen via Nate Photo: Vogue Korea

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