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Posted by neefa5 pts Saturday, July 16, 2011

2NE1tv LIVE: WORLDWIDE sneak preview in L.A. + Exclusive clip!

Although the official premiere of '2NE1tv LIVE: WORLDWIDE' is still one day away, excited fans were able to catch a special sneak preview of the show at the CGV Cinemas in L.A.'s famed Koreatown. Fans began arriving long before the scheduled 7:45PM showing. With some fans traveling hours just to attend, the cinemas were bustling with high anticipation for this unique event. Before the actual preview began, Blackjacks were treated to a collection of 2NE1's popular music videos. �Although most attendees were well-acquainted with the videos, the experience of seeing the footage on a large movie screen was very memorable. After a short introduction from Mnet U.S., there was a cute impromptu�dance contest. The majority of participants danced to 2NE1's "I Am The Best", however the winner was Daniel, decked out in his 2NE1 gear, whose adorable cover of "I Don't Care" won over the crowd. The sneak preview ended up being the entire first episode of this new season, and gives a great overview of 2NE1's career highlights. Particularly to those unfamiliar with the Korean version of the show, this introduction will help bridge the gap between those fans who've watched all the other episodes with those who are new to the show and/or 2NE1. Many "classic" �2NE1tv moments were featured in this first episode including: Bom's "I hate corn" mantra, Minzy's comical and fun "I Don't Care" practice, and Dara & CL's antics with the bunk bed cameras, just to name a few. The premiere does a great job of weaving footage from past seasons with new footage and teasers of upcoming episodes. Those of you�familiar�with past seasons will recognize the now trademark guerrilla-style plotting. Rather than seemless story-telling, 2NE1tv LIVE goes from one activity/event to another in an eclectic mix of backstage access, rehearsals, and general girly mayhem. The upcoming season looks to be more focused on personal interactions and dorm�activities�than Season 2. Each girl has taken up a hobby, and we also get to see how the ladies handle their very first puppy, particularly since one member is quite terrified of dogs. Finally, international fans will be happy to know that the shows airing on Mnet U.S. are English-subbed. MNET U.S. was launched in December 2010, and carries lofty goals for 2NE1tv as well as the channel itself. Mnet has successfully re-launched 2NE1tv not just for 2NE1 fans, but for anyone who enjoys fun reality television. Be sure to watch the off-stage shenanigans of one of kpop's top girl groups either through the Mnet U.S. channel or via the YouTube livestreaming. Don't forget to check out allkpop's two exclusive 2NE1tv events�here and�here! And check out the Exclusive sneak peek clip of 2NE1tv below!

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