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The situation with Daesung & Big Bang's future activities


Popular idol group Big Bang's future activitieshave become the center of attention after the confirmation that the motorcyclist's death was from Daesung's collision. YG Entertainment made a statement on the 24th, "It's been so hectic that it's hard to make a statement about anything. The police stated that they will send the case to the prosecutor's office, so we will wait for the prosecutor's investigation... For now, it seems that there will be no problems with Big Bang's activities in concerts, albums, or CF shoots because they have no important schedules planned out." After Big Bang finished their concert in Japan late May, they've officially been given a rest period. They planned to release a new album in the 2nd half of 2011, but an exact date was never set. With that said, it seems that Daesung's accident will not bring too much change to Big Bang's activities. However, Daesung will not be present at the promotion and its related mini-concert on the 25th, along with a few other scheduling dates. YG stated, "As they were a promise to the fans, the schedules that are already set will go on without Daesung." However, it seems that there will be problems with Daesung's individual activities away from the group. As the case with most idol groups, Big Bang's members usually have individual activities set when they're not promoting as a group. As for Daesung, he's on SBS "Night After Night" as a permanent panelist and finished filming a drama, "What's Up". The producers of "Night After Night" stated, "We will choose our position after the police report is announced", standing at a troubling position. They continued, "There will not be any episodes airing in the upcoming week because of special programming, so there aren't any problems for now." As for "What's Up", they've already wrapped up filming but currently there's no scheduled date for the drama to air at the moment. Yang Hyun Suk, the CEO of YG Entertainment stated, "Daesung's in a state of enormous shock", and revealed, "He will refrain from any activity and have some time off for self-reflection. Because it's been so hectic, I have nothing to say about the future activities of Big Bang." Source + Photo: Yonhap News

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