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IU may have earned over 4 million dollars in 2010

From 'Marshmallow' and 'Nagging' to "Good Day', IU has quickly become a star in the Korean entertainment industry. These days, if you turn on the TV, IU is on, and if you walk the streets, you can hear 'Good Day' playing in the background. So all this popularity begs the question, just how much money has 2010's hottest celebrity raked in? IU is said to have earned about 300 million won (approx. $261,600) in 2010 from her duet with 2AM's Seulong, 'Nagging', another duet with Sung Si Kyung, 'It's You', and her 3rd mini album, 'Real'. Of course, you can't forget the biggest money maker, CFs. IU filmed seven CFs this year for companies ranging fromCrown Bakery to the clothing brand YS'B. IU has received an average of 200 million won ($174,400) per year for her work, but recently, due to her popularity, her value has skyrocketed. Representatives are now estimating that she earns a staggering total of at least 1.4 billion won ($1.22 million). On top of this, IU has many more upcoming CFs. Starting on January 3rd of 2011, IU will be filming CFs for electronics, drinks, clothing, cosmetics, and more. Then, if you add up her pay from her SBS's 'Heroes' variety show appearances and other events, it all comes out to another 500 million won ($436,000). Ultimately, the lowest estimate of what IU made in 2010 is 5 billion won, which is approximately equal to $4.36 million dollars. A representative of IU carefully stated, "We will know the exact revenue from records and CFs early next year. It is true that she earned a lot with her busy activities, but we cannot say how much she has earned for now." Hopefully her contract allows her to keep a good percentage of that worth, because she was certainly a huge moneymaker in 2010! Source + Photo: Newsen

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