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The harsh reality behind the regimented lives of girl group members


Girl groups are at the center of the music industry with their cute looks, impressive choreography, and flashy outfits. The variety of groups have been increasing lately, making the competition fiercer than ever. But what's behind the spotlight? The truth is that girl groups are under severe observation, which is one of the primary reasons that members all live together in one dorm. The situation has advanced to the point where idol groups now have a separate manager that lives with them and manages their private lives. One girl group CEO even dorms his girl group right across from his home, scaring them with the statement, "I'm always watching you guys, so act accordingly."

There's also one similarity between every girl group: they aren't allowed to have personal cell phones and computers. Cell phones are taken away the month before they debut, and companies purposely take away computers and TVs in their dorms.

One girl group manager revealed, "They don't have enough self control yet. We're also assuming that they don't have the skills to reject phone numbers from male idol groups. Naturally, they aren't able to focus on their promotions with such options open to them." The reason computers aren't allowed in dorms is to prevent them from reading hateful replies online. Most producers revealed that their girl groups were given cell phones and computers a year into their debut. There's also the once a month visit that all girls get, and it makes those around them worry more than usual. Oneanonymousgirl group member is said to be completely unmovable when on her period, but she's somehow able to show off her impressive dance moves on stage. One industry representative commented, "That's the strength of performance. She could be dying and still fly around on stage. It's the mind set of a true professional." Another girl group's agency always checks their girl groups for those monthly visits via female managers. One representative stated, "We don't check to see if they need special treatment or not. We check because if they don't get their periods, it's pretty much a dead end to the entire team." Source + Photos: Sports Chosun

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