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Fans upset over close-ups of Kara's butts


There is currently a hot issue brewing amongst netizens and fans of Kara, because of a Japanese broadcast. On the August 6th episode of channel Asahi's morning show, called Super Morning, they interviewed the girls of Kara who are currently making their entry into the Japanese market. A reporter from the show described Kara as a popular Korean idol group who's butt dance moves were very popular, while also saying that the girls received a lot of attention in the past due to famous Japanese comedian Gekidan Hitori who is a fan of Kara. The reporter also revealed that Kara's debut Japanese single album, Mister, would be released on the 11th. The reporter alsotalked about Kara's success in Japan so far, such as when their tickets for a showcase fanmeeting soldout in five minutes. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mkYIED45fIU What the Kara fans were interested in though, was not the interview itself but the way they shot the show. When the girls were showcasing their butt dance during the interview, camera zoomed in and slow motion effects of the girls' butts were included. Furthermore, there was a part during their interview when the camera was focused on the girls' body, without their heads. Fans stated opinions such as, "I know Korea and Japan have a different atmosphere in the way they broadcast, but it's sad to see them focusing on foreign female artist members' bodies with their camera," "It's a broadcast that's hard to see in Korea. Japanese broadcasts have no manners" and "After the broadcast, I was worried that the Japanese people who saw the girls will be known as a sexy girl group rather than a group known for their skills." Some netizens on the other hand, had different opinions such as, "When this is done in Korea, it's ok but when it's done in Japan, it's wrong?" and "There wasn't anything wrong about this." What's your take?

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