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Aftermath of SM Entertainment's split with Mnet


After Mnet's breach of contract, SM Entertainment had announced that they will stop doing business with the media giant. Currently, songs by various SM Entertainment artists, like SNSD, TVXQ, Super Junior, Shinee, f(x) and more, are unavailable on Mnet. SNSD's Oh! is currently second on Mnet.com's CD chart. The song is doing very well on various charts, and their album sales have been very impressive as well. In these times, the CD charts are very important, especially for SNSD. However, Mnet has the second most number of paid use. Thus, the fact that SM Entertainment will not provide music to Mnet may greatly affect SNSD's popularity and success. On representative said, "Mnet does not play a small part in the music world, therefore the lack of service may have a significant effect on the song's popularity level." Also, Mnet plays a large role in various music programs' ranking systems, therefore, if Mnet does not provide Oh!, the song may suffer on these ranking charts. It has only been three days since SM Entertainment decided not to provide music to Mnet, so there is no significant fluctuation in Oh!'s popularity. However, SNSD is preparing a follow-up song, so they must watch how this quarrel between SME and Mnet will have on their success. How will this affect the activities of the other SM Entertainment artists? Meanwhile, SNSD fans surprised many people when they decided to leave Mnet if they had no access to their idol's songs. Many fans have said, "If I cannot listen to SNSD's songs anymore, I will leave," "I will listen to them on a different site" and more. After the situation worsened, Mnet recently announced that they are currently in discussion with SM Entertainment to reach a compromise. They said that they will try to provide service to the users. We can only wait patiently for the final compromise between SME and Mnet. Hopefully, the decision will satisfy all SME, Mnet, and the fans!

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