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JYP Entertainment responds to the Wonderfuls


With all the hoopla going on with JYP Entertainment and the Wonderfuls over Wonder Girl Mimi's withdrawal from the group, JYPE has decided to setup a storage room for better communication between the two parties. Here's the full message posted on their website, translated by hazyfiasco@2ONEDAY.COM:

"This is JYP Entertainment. Hello, fans. In an effort to accommodate the needs of the fans, JYP Entertainment has decided to set up a storage room in order to better the communication between the fans and our company. During crucial matters such as our celebrity withdrawals, promotion suspensions, and member changes, we're planning to reply to all questions submitted in written form to the best of our ability. However, we ask for you to understand that we're prohibited to reveal information regarding contracts with other companies or personal requests regarding our celebrities. Excluding these two points, we promise to answer questions without any exaggerations, watered-down answers, or distortions since these will be treated as the official opinions of our company. If you take our official replies and treat them as false information or release false information that we never said, we will immediately suspend the conversations. A couple of days ago, we received a representative question regarding Sunmi's (Mimi) withdrawal from the Wonder Girls. Our company will soon be sending a reply. Since we have now created an official storage room, we ask for the fans to please leave their written questions on the designated wall by the company building. Every 24 hours, we will take pictures of the wall and take the questions down into the storage room. Our company has been using the terms of the fair contract since November of 2009 and all decisions made regarding promotional activities are by the celebrities in question. Our company must comply to their requests and we will continue to hold these terms in our contracts. We will work harder to listen to all of the voices of the celebrities in our company and their fans. Thank you."
Out of all the Entertainment companies it seems JYP Entertainment handles these situations the best. They actually go out of their way to work with the fans and worry about their concerns and feelings, kudos to them. Thanks to amysweets for the tip.

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