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A'ST1 disbandment?

DSP's A'ST1 has been off the radar for awhile now, not being active in the industry since their promotion of Dynamite. A rumor had come up today that the boy band will disband. This all started with the information of member Tomo leaving the group, which was posted on the Official A'ST1 Japan Site. The following are rumored to be posts by the A'ST1 member himself: NOV. 27

Long time no see! It's getting warmer these days right? I returned to Korea. I officially left A'ST1. Thanks all the people who supported me until now. Now I am an ordinary person too. I think I'll find a part-time job in a convenience store.
NOV. 29
Good evening! Well the reason why I left was because I had no job and because I have to think about the future. And that led me to take that decision. I think my withdrawal will be officially announced next week. To be honest, it's partly our responsibility if we don't bring good results, but it can't be heped either. If someday I have to work again in the music industry, I'd like to erase that.
It has been confirmed that he is leaving the group, but the group disbandment is not official yet. The only information regarding this matter is located on Tomo's fansite and a entry written by leader of the group, Jungjin. MESSAGE ON AST1-TOMO.COM
Hello. This is the master of the fansite and I will be giving you a long message for the first time. We have gotten lots of questions about A'ST1's disbandment. For us to be able to answer all of your comments is too much and will be very bothering for some, so we have put up this message. A'ST1's disbandment is true. It's not easy for us to say this as well. As a fan, who would like that word? We have thought and thought by ourselves before we wrote this. While A'ST1 was promoting, we followed them more truthfully then anyone else. We do not think that we are in fantasy when we see them, or that we are in a dream. We faced reality. Truthfully, we don't think that this group is number 1. We tell even just a single person about this group to raise their fame. We buy albums and spread them out to people around us, and the friends of those people. We watched people who thought members of this group was a joke. We even tried to keep rumors quiet and correct them if it was false. We don't care if we name ourselves having a intimate relationship with this band, this proves how much time we spent with the group. We savour these boys and think them as family. We carefully thought about writing this, and we decided it would be best to tell all of you fans. Eunice's would have more and more questions with this matter as time goes by, so before DSP's official statement, we decided to release this news early, as the problem would get worse as time goes by. As a conclusion, we have heard this news from the members themselves. They could've told us because they trusted us more than other fans, or because it was time to tell the news, and believed that we could post this news up on the internet and spread it. Because of that reason, we have told this news to everyone. If people think we were careless about releasing this information, we would feel bile. We also know that the current leader, Park Jung Jin had posted something indirect on his minihompy about this matter. But I wonder what more we need to say about this. This isn't from the members mouths. Do you wan't to hear that we are one only with 6 members? Or that everything is a rumour and that we don't need to worry? To be honest, isn't that just to make fan's feel better? The thing that would be right for this situation is to support the 6 members no matter what aspect and what situation they show. If the members are planning something new, we would have to cheer them and thank them. With the situation like this, we want to be friendly with fellow fans, cherishing and leaving memories with them. Because of this one message, we don't want to leave a bad memory with all of you.
First of all, you must've been surprised. The rumors that have been floating around are actually true. Our Eunice's A'ST1... it seems like we will have to leave all our hearts in one place. We have disbanded. The truth of this disbandment was hard to tell. It was hard for me to believe it too... All of our members are suffering. It was this hard for us... and it was even harder to tell you guys. Now I will say... I am sorry and I only have a sorry heart. The members are fine. They are seperately doing what they want and living well. They were like my family... my brothers... friends.... I hope you guys can cheer for us and be heartwarming. It's hard for us to go on stage with the name of A'ST1, But when we go back up on stage... Please cheer for us like you are doing now. After I finish writing this, A'ST1's leader will go back to his original place. Since then... We thank you so much... you guys were our strength... We love you.
These are all still rumors and speculations, the official word on the group will be out soon, so stay tuned. Thanks to Lizzy for the tip.

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