• MFBTY mourns for lost love in '6am' MV

    October 6, 2015 @ 11:35 am

    MFBTY, composed of the dynamic trio Yoon Mi Rae, Tiger JK, and Bizzy, have come back to us with a slick, modern R&B tune! The song, titled "6am," contains a nostalgic kind of melody and sounds to be about the heartache of the love you couldn't hold on to. Tiger JK, Bizzy, and Yoon Mi Rae's rapping and singing are underlain with hints of auto tune, done in a way that is tasteful. You can listen to the track in the video above and reminis

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  • Shinhwa's Dongwan drops MV teaser for 'PIECE' featuring C Jamm!

    October 6, 2015 @ 11:20 am

    Get ready for the solo return of Shinhwa's Dongwan!He dropped an MV teaser which captures the vibe of a rocker with his band behind him, yet the sound is much more sentimental.  Rather than screeching into the mic, Dongwan sings in a beautifully soothing manner while his featured artist, C Jamm, raps along with easy flow.Stay tuned for the full release of "PIECE"!

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  • JYP Entertainment start teasing for new girl group TWICE!

    October 6, 2015 @ 11:06 am

    Oh my goodness, the time is here!JYP Entertainment is almost ready to launch its new girl group, TWICE, which people already became familiar with through their survival program, as the agency has dropped the teaser image with the anticipatory message, "The story begins."There's a mystical, funky vibe to their debut concept as the girls huddle around a bright light and look down.  Are you excited?

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  • GOT7 take their first win for 'If You Do' from 'The Show'

    October 6, 2015 @ 10:47 am

    Congratulations to GOT7 on their very first win through 'The Show'!Their latest track "If You Do" is incredible and the boys have worked hard up to this point, so it was undoubtedly well-deserved.  Clearly touched and holding back tears after hearing their win, GOT7 thank their fans and the music show for the win. Check out their win above and their performance below!  Congrats once again, boys. There are definitely many more wins to come in the

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  • Taeyeon reveals her track list + two more teaser images!

    October 6, 2015 @ 12:50 am

    Taeyeon's solo album is almost, almost here! But for now, the track list for her album 'I' has been revealed!Her album is revealed to be the work of LDN Noise, Joombas, MonoTree and even Verbal Jint, who is also featured in Taeyeon's title track "I". Her full track list of 6 songs are:1. "I" ft. Verbal Jint (title track)2. "U R"3. "Gemini"4. "Stress"5. "Tell Me First"6. "I" (instrumental version) Check out two more released teaser images below a

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  • Ballad singer Tei reported to make his comeback after a 5 year hiatus!

    October 5, 2015 @ 10:50 pm

    Here's a blast from the past! Ballad singer Tei is reported to make his music comeback after a five year hiatus!According to a representative in the industry, Tei signed an exclusive contract with agency HIS Entertainment, and is set to release an album. If this is all true, it will have been five years since his last music release! Tei debuted back in 2004 and for the years after that, he had consistently released great music.He recently fo

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  • JYJ's Junsu reveals the title track to his upcoming mini album!

    October 5, 2015 @ 10:20 pm

    Here are some more updates on Junsu (XIA)'s solo comeback, which we know you're dying to find out! He's confirmed his title track to be a ballad song titled "Had To Be Yesterday" (literal title)!C.JeS Entertainment stated, "The title track for XIA Junsu's mini-album has been confirmed to be "Had To Be Yesterday". The title track "Had To Be Yesterday" has a lyrical ambience and its melody and lyrics are emphasized by XIA's emotional voice. We've f

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  • Park Bo Ram says 'I'm Sorry' in MV teaser shot in Australia!

    October 5, 2015 @ 7:53 pm

    It would be an understatement to say that Park Bo Ram is showing a completely different side of herself with this comeback! Her MV teaser for "I'm Sorry" (literal title) is out and it's absolutely melancholy yet captivating. Her company's side revealed her MV and album jacket photos were shot in Australia! That's why the scenery in her teaser are so gorgeous, and we must say, the girl is rocking her new haircut. This is Park Bo Ram's fi

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  • Insooni releases a heartfelt song about 'Mother' for 'It's Okay Because You're a Mother'

    October 5, 2015 @ 6:19 pm

    Veteran singer Insooni recently lent her voice to the soundtrack of drama, 'It's Okay Because You're a Mother' where she crooned a heartfelt track about mothers.Accompanied by a 24-member orchestra and piano instrumentals, the powerful voice of Insooni echos in the listener's ears with lyrics that touches the heart. The track is written and composed by producer Sunghwan and it was also revealed to be a song for his beloved mother who only had jus

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  • Lil Boi and Basick release MVs for new collaboration tracks 'Watch Out' and 'Call Me'

    October 5, 2015 @ 1:19 pm

    Four days after the two released the teaser MV to their collaboration single "Call Me," Lil Boi and Basick have release the full version of the song! The two rappers continue their quest 'round town to find the best spots to hang in Seoul.  The video seems to chronicle the two's adventures from the break of day to the falling of night, then back to day....except they go back in time, to wake up in the same place they embarked to on their journey

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