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Yoo Ah In declared exempt from military service after 5th examination

By jennywill   29 days ago   71,669   2,981   0



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Yoo Ah In has been declared to be exempt from military service.

The actor underwent four full examinations starting December 2015, May and December of last year, and this past March. He went through his 5th one recently and was ultimately declared unfit for service.
His shoulder injury and his osteosarcoma had gotten him rank 7 every time he was examined, meaning he cannot serve in the military.
  1. Yoo Ah In

michigoh 28 days ago

He needs 5 full examinations just to get exempted? I wonder if a non-celebrity requires that many examinations too?

SpringxTempo 28 days ago

he's been through hell trying to get into service and with the netz all over his back. stay healthy, ahin!

Mitch1 29 days ago

Let it be yoo ah in and come entertain us instead with your talents

pink_oracle 29 days ago

He's done everything he can short of sneaking in and pretending to be someone else.

greenbrick 29 days ago

Can anybody explain to me why he's exempt instead of enlisting as a public service worker? If he's healthy enough to work as an actor he definitely can do some work like other people do who were classified unfit for military duty from the start.

Amber_B greenbrick 29 days ago

Obviously not or they would enlist him ? He must not be healthy enough to do the physical training and his health and future wellbeing is way more important than anything else surely you would agree? He tried 5 times to get in that is enough and people like you should just accept the official reasons instead of trying to give an opinion about something you know nothing about .

JYJRainbow greenbrick 29 days ago

its like this, if he work now cause he feel he can, then whatever happened to him he is responsible BUT if something happen to him while doing military service its military responsibility. its like doctors don't want to operate on patient with low chance of serviving

Skyepop greenbrick 29 days ago

could it be that all those serving have to do some form of training and he wouldnt make it through that? Or maybe repetitive stapling in office work would be too much, :P

sweet_goguma17 greenbrick 29 days ago

Even if you are assigned as public service worker you still have to go through basic training which is physically damanding (combat training, marching for miles, shooting, etc). While acting is a tiring profession as well (what job isnt't? Lol) it isn't as intense on his body. Sure there are some physically demanding roles but he can either reject those or use a stunt double. For example a person with a physical/mental disability can still work but they just have some limitations or need accommodations :T

HitlerUnicorn greenbrick 29 days ago

every man has to go through training before getting to do any kind of service

bangeryun94 greenbrick 29 days ago

He still would have to go through basic training to be a public service worker and he isn't physically able.

chicvibe greenbrick 28 days ago

I agree - you have to go through basic training which is pretty rigorous - even if you do end up in an administrative type position. Regardless of what you end up as, your first and foremost job is to protect the country if a serious situation arises.

changminbaby 29 days ago

knetz better chill and give him a break,he already tried 5 times so they better leave him alone,i hope he get well soon

enzoa 29 days ago

He did what he had to do, so there's nothing to be ashamed. Much more important, I wish him the best for his health.

Chrysantheneum 29 days ago

wait wait. he jas cancer???

Naruta Chrysantheneum 29 days ago

It´s not exactly cancer, osteosarcoma is a malignant neoplasm. There´s a longer Explanation, and of course that Tumor can spread, espacially towards the lungs, but with a limb-salvage surgery and chemotherapy, he has a good chances of recovery. But it will take time and it´s good that he doesn´t have to join the Military.

hohliu 29 days ago

Rest well, be fit and keep healthy. Fightin!!!!

saranghae_3 29 days ago

I hope he isn't criticized for this...

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