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'Section TV' accused of filming illegally in Bali

By jennywill   28 days ago   51,014   1,907   0



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It's been revealed that MBC's 'Section TV' has gone a bit too far.

The villa that 'Section TV' filmed in their attempt to find out more about Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo spoke up angrily and said, "This picture is illegal." They added, "That picture was taken without my permission.

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The report had become problematic already as they used photos from Song Hye Kyo's private SNS account. TV Report further found out that the photos from the villa were taken illegally. The villa said, "They introduced us as Korean travel agents. That's why we showed them the pool villa." The villa revealed that the staff of 'Section TV' had pretended as if they were inspecting the villa for travel agency purposes and had taken photos without permission.

The villa added, "If they are broadcasters, they needed to get permission. They hid their occupation and intent and filmed without permission. The interview with the staff were also done secretly. No one knew they were being recorded."

MBC said, "The staff themselves did not go to Bali, and we asked a friend in Bali. We did not ask for hidden reporting. The photos were also not taken with broadcast equipment, but through their cell phone. We are currently discussing what to do about the second half of the report. We will make another statement after more discussions."

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pink_oracle 27 days ago

"It's ok, we asked a friend not on payroll to do it and they only took the photos on their phone". Oh alright then, carry on taking pictures on private property without permission.

bangeryun94 pink_oracle 27 days ago

Omg, omg, your leedle pink unicorn!

pink_oracle bangeryun94 27 days ago

It's an Alicorn. ;D

NameIsMyName 28 days ago

mbc again...

joodgr8 28 days ago

LOL get my popcorn

BLACK_SUN 28 days ago

too much.. privacy is the main point for management to handle ,if like that customer will run away from staying in that vila.

hohliu 28 days ago

They need to answer for their CRIME!!!

MyTwoCent 28 days ago


darth_vader 28 days ago

INVADING SOMEONE ELSE'S PRIVACY IS NOT COOL! If they are indeed a couple, let them be, if they're not, it's none of your business peeps

ATA 28 days ago

This is so wrong on so many levels.  It's one thing if celebrities get "caught" while out in public and someone takes a picture, but to literally go hunting for evidence in another country and take pictures of a private place, that's too much.  They aren't criminals. They don't need to be investigated like this.  This is crossing the line.

bangeryun94 28 days ago

MBC, you know that is bullshit.  You did exactly what the villa accused you of and even set up side by sides of Song Hye Kyo's private photos.

NORM 28 days ago

Section TV, keeps getting worse, the more i hear of them. -_-

NORM 28 days ago

The villa staff are still at fault for gossiping abt their prev. guest's visitors or activities -_-

BigBangVIP_NYC NORM 28 days ago

True...I always wonder about people who work at plastic surgery places (yes I know they sign agreements etc..and can be sued, fined etc..)...but gosh they must sometimes be boiling inside to blurt out that such and such had such and such done..especially when they see them onTV talking about never having any work done.

bangeryun94 NORM 28 days ago

That could be false. MBC is notorious for making their own news to fit their agenda

NORM bangeryun94 28 days ago

It could be false but the villa didnt deny the statement, they only said staff didnt know they were being recorded. That kinda makes me believe MBC didnt make up that part.

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