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'The Horse Healer' and 'School 2013' both suffer a drop in viewer ratings

January 8, 2013 @ 2:45 am
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Both of MBC and KBS's Monday-Tuesday drama suffered a drop in viewership ratings.

According to information released by AGB Nielsen Media Research, the January 7th broadcast of MBC's 'The Horse Healer' recorded a nationwide viewer rating of 16.6%. This is a 1.5% decrease from its previous episode, but it has still managed to come out on top among competing dramas in its time slot.

KBS's 'School 2013' also faced a similar situation as the drama's latest episode received a viewership rating of 13.1%. In comparison, last week's episode garnered 15.2%.

On the otherhand, SBS's 'The Lord of Dramas' recorded 6.7% in nationwide ratings, a 0.1% increase from its previous episode.



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