Actress Hwang Jung Eum greets fans in special makeup and costume for her new role

January 26, 2013 @ 12:19 am
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Hwang Jung Eum greeted fans while in character for her new drama, and revealed the inconveniences associated with going through a major transformation to play her new role.

The SBS official Twitter released an interview about the actress and Kang Ji Hwan's upcoming drama 'Incarnation of Money'. In the drama, Hwang Jung Eum plays a character for which she must undergo through special makeup and costume to get into the role.

Because of the tedious process, Hwang Jung Eum revealed that despite being excited about her project, there are some inconveniences associated with it. "When I change or want to go to the bathroom, it takes about 10 minutes. I have to take it all off and put it all back on. I just didn't eat anything today. It's my first time in 3 years."

Kang Ji Hwan laughed and said, "Even though she has the special costume on, because she is Hwang Jung Eum she can pull off a lovely, cute character. She's incredibly cute." On their compatibility, he said, "I think we are the best couple in history. It's really funny because we met for the first time and had a kiss scene when she had that costume. I like it and it's pretty... I'm aiming for the Best Couple award."

'Incarnation of Money' will start airing on February 2nd. Check out the interview below!

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