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Brand New Music's concert 'Brand New Year' sees 2,000 fans in attendance

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Hip hop company Brand New Music's family concert 'Brand New Year' took off to a successful start with 2,000 fans in attendance.

Featuring 10 artists like Verbal Jint, Phantom, and As One, the family gathered at the UNIQLO-AX Hall on December 16th for 'Brand New Year'. Fans from all ages, teens to 50s, and even housewives were seen in the audience, demonstrating the family's widespread popularity.

Verbal Jint opened up the concert with three of his hit songs while Miss $ followed after with their latest chart toppers, bringing out some loud cheers from the male audience members!

Singer Bumkey, who's currently looking forward to a debut next year with Troy (also comprised of Kanto, Max, and Jaewoong), showed off his vocal talent with "Love Song" before later regrouping with his Troy members to perform "We Troy".

The stars of the show were none other than Phantom, who commanded the stage with their charisma. They performed a whopping seven tracks in collaboration with other family artists like Verbal Jint and Swings. Verbal Jint returned to the stage to finish up by melting the hearts of the ladies with his latest releases from this past year.

Representatives commented, "This concert was an opportunity for our artists to show off all that they've achieved this year. Verbal Jint, Phantom, and Miss $ all had great achievements on the digital charts, and we hope that in 2013, our new talented artists like Troy, Swings, Bizniz, BNR, and Shijin will be able to do just as well."


Source + Photos: Joongang via Nate


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