• Lyn tops real-time charts with 'Miss You... Crying'

    March 6, 2014 @ 4:15 pm

    Singer Lyn released her new album 'LYn 8th LE GRAND BLEU' just last night, but her title song "Miss You... Crying" is already doing extremely well on real-time music charts!It reached first place on Bugs, Olleh, Soribada, Daum, Mnet, and Genie, while it's in the top 3 for almost every other music chart.  It appears Lyn has another hit song on her hands as people appear to be loving "Miss You... Crying."Meanwhile, she will be having an exclusive c

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  • The talented Lyn returns with MV for 'Miss You... Crying'

    March 5, 2014 @ 10:01 pm

    Lyn has brought the teasing to an end as she drops her awaited album,  'LYn 8th LE GRAND BLEU'!She's making her comeback with her 8th full-length album to once again ring our hearts with high quality songs and her unique and husky voice.She gave us an audio preview of the album yesterday, but now you can check out the full songs starting with the MV for the title track 'Miss You... Crying' above! 

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  • Lyn spends a sorrowful day at an amusement park in 2nd 'Miss you...Crying' MV teaser

    March 2, 2014 @ 10:43 pm

    Lyn continues to tease fans with second MV preview for her "Miss you...Crying" comeback.She previously announced that her upcoming 8th full-length album 'LYn 8th LE GRAND BLEU' was on the way. Judging by this new teaser, it seems like the title track is called "Miss you...Crying". In the teaser, she initally seems carefree while enjoying a bright day at an amusiment park. However, soon enough we see a forlorn Lyn riding the rides in deep sorrow.L

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  • 'You Who Came From the Stars' and 'Miss Korea' air their finale + 'Cunning Single Lady' premieres this week

    February 27, 2014 @ 8:37 pm

    A lot of squeals, tears, or even a round of applause were heard among K-drama fans this week with the finale of 'You Who Came From the Stars' and 'Miss Korea', as well as the premiere of 'Cunning Single Lady'!Although we all have our own opinions on which drama is the best, let's get down to the weekly ratings recap with the numbers...According to AGB Nielsen Media Research, the February 27th finale of SBS' 'You Who Came From the Stars'

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  • The cast of 'Miss Korea' are all smiles during their final filming

    February 26, 2014 @ 3:02 am

    Whether you want to believe it or not, 'Miss Korea' will be saying its farewell today, and Lee Yeon Hee, Lee Sun Gyun, and more were all smiles during the final filming for the beloved drama. The atmosphere on set during the final filming seemed especially full of life with Lee Yeon Hee, Lee Sun Gyun, Lee Mi Sook, Lee Sung Min, Song Sun Mi, and more enjoying every moment together. The onscreen couple Lee Yeon Hee and Lee Sun Gyun were spotted ha

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  • Wed-Thurs dramas return following delays due to the Olympics, but which drama came out on top this week?

    February 21, 2014 @ 3:01 am

    It's been a while but your favorite Wed-Thurs dramas are back in full swing, and 'You Who Came From the Stars' won the gold medal in viewer ratings this week!According to AGB Nielsen Media Research, the February 6th episode of SBS' 'You Who Came From the Stars' achieved a 26.7% viewer rating, which is a 0.7% decrease from its previous record viewer rating of 27.4%.It seems the delays caused by the Olympics slowed down the momentum of al

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  • OST for movie 'Miss Granny' accused of plagiarizing Peppertones' 'Ready, Get Set, Go!'

    February 18, 2014 @ 7:11 pm

    The movie 'Miss Granny,' which is currently a popular movie in Korean theaters at the moment, is under fire for having an OST called "Once More" that people are alleging to be a plagiarization of Peppertone's 2005 title track "Ready, Get Set, Go!" It was revealed that the two songs were alike in the chord progression from the introduction to the singing parts--as a matter of fact, even the smallest details were claimed to be strikingly similar.CJ

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  • 'You Who Came From the Stars' returns with record-breaking ratings but which Wed-Thurs drama came out on top?

    February 7, 2014 @ 12:11 pm

    It seems viewers really missed 'You Who Came From the Stars' during its one-episode break for the Lunar New Year holiday last week as the drama broke its own record in viewer ratings once again!According to AGB Nielsen Media Research, the February 6th episode of SBS' 'You Who Came From the Stars' broke its own record with a 25.9% viewer rating which is a 0.2% increase from its previous viewer rating of 25.7%.'Generation of Youth' also treated fan

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  • Which Wed-Thurs drama took the top spot this week with the absence of 'You Who Came From the Stars' Thursday episode?

    January 30, 2014 @ 11:52 pm

    'You Who Came From the Stars' only aired one episode this week for the Lunar New Year holiday, leaving 'Miss Korea' to finally claim the title as #1 Wed-Thurs drama in viewer ratings for Thursday! 'You Who Came From the Stars' recorded 24.8% on the 29th's or Wednesday's episode, squashing all its competitors on that day.However, with its absence on Thursday, the 30th, 'Miss Korea' achieved a 8.6% viewer rating which is a 2.7% increase from

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  • Lee Yeon Hee and Go Sung Hee become sexy cheerleaders for 'Miss Korea'

    January 30, 2014 @ 4:42 pm

    On January 30, the production team for MBC's 'Miss Korea' released pictures of actresses Lee Yeon Hee and Go Sung Hee wearing pretty cheerleading outfits for the drama.  While they both look cheerful and innocent, they also have a certain sexy confidence in the cute form-fitting top and short skirt.  Upon seeing pictures of this transformation, netizens commented, "This is the best," "They look totally sexy," "Dress like this and cheer

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