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After School's Lizzy wishes fans a merry Christmas with an adorable selca

December 24, 2012 @ 6:00 pm
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After School's Lizzy brought a smile to fans with her adorable Santa girl transformation.

On December 23rd, Lizzy tweeted, "You guys♡ It's D-2 until Christmas. Early Christmas!! Have a warm Christmas~" and posted the above selca.

The picture showed Lizzy looked like a Santa girl with her red outfit and a furry hood. She posed for the camera as she rested her chin on her arm. She captured the viewers' eyes with her lively facial expression.

After seeing her picture, the netizens commented, "Lizzy's Santa girl transformation is cute", "I would be happy if I can have a date on Christmas with a girlfriend like Lizzy", and "She's getting prettier by the day."

Source+Picture: Lizzy's Twitter

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