'Chum-Churum' releases introductory CF with new models Hara, Hyorin, and HyunA

December 1, 2012 @ 12:50 am
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Having brought in idols HaraHyorin, and HyunA, to follow after the footsteps of their previous, long time endorsement model  Hyori, Lotte Liquor's 'Chum-Churum' ('like the first time')has revealed a new CF introducing their new models!

A representative of Lotte previously stated, "As the original sexy icon, Lee Hyori helped create a public friendly image for the brand. HyunA, Hara, and Hyorin will be mixing in their cuteness and freshness into our brand's sexy image. Although all three are still young, we're looking forward to how they'll be using their bubbly charms to create a new image for 'Chum-Churum'."

The CF features a group of guys talking about the change of models for the soju brand, and asks viewers which of the three "shakes you up?"

Take a look below!

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