Theatrical poster revealed for 'Wolf Boy' starring Park Bo Young and Song Joong Ki

October 14, 2012 @ 9:35 pm
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Interest has been heating up for the feature film 'Wolf Boy', featuring Song Joong Ki and Park Bo Young as its main leads. With the release date inching closer, excited viewers can finally check out the new theatrical poster!

With the tagline "I'll protect you forever..." looming ominously in the middle of the poster, the poster teases the viewer into wanting to know more. Together with slightly disheveled-looking (but still handsome) Song Joong Ki and a petite Park Bo Young in his arms, moviegoers are already anticipating the upcoming movie.

Especially striking are the eyes, as they seem to have been altered slightly, providing another clue for the viewer to decipher. 'Wolf Boy' is scheduled for wide release on Halloween Day, October 31.

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