Singer Ivy penned the lyrics to songs of SHINee & Girls' Generation

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Singer Ivy was revealed to have written the lyrics to a few familiar songs under a different name.

Ivy, who recently made her comeback, cautiously opened up about her sex video rumors on the May 1st episode of SBS 'Strong Heart', and her hiatus. She confirmed once again that there was no sex video during the scandal that arose back in 2007, and that she had been on hiatus due to a lawsuit with her former agency.

As Ivy talked about her past controversies and her happiness about being back, Girls' Generation member Tiffany, who was also a guest on the episode, surprised everyone on the show when she revealed, "Ivy unni penned the lyrics to Girls' Generation's 'Dear Mom'."

"Dear Mom" is a song with heartfelt lyrics that are directed towards treasured mothers everywhere, and Ivy had written the song under the pseudonym 'The Lighthouse' after she temporarily left the industry following her scandal.

"I was a fan of Ivy unni since her first album, and I knew it was her the second I heard her voice," Tiffany said. "So when we received the song I asked if it was Ivy unni, and the rep told me that Ivy wanted it to be kept a secret."

Ivy brought to light the meaning behind her pseudonym, stating, "I chose the pseudonym 'The Lighthouse' because I wanted to one day become a source of light for others."

"I poured out my love and longing for my mom in the song," Ivy continued, while also revealing that she wrote SHINee's "Last Gift".

Ivy earned the applause of the other guests when she said that she had donated 100% the profits from the songs to charity, however, she honestly admitted that she was quite tempted to keep the money once she saw how much it amounted to with the popularity of SM artists increasing.

"Girls' Generation and SHINee are extremely popular overseas and so the royalties came out to be quite a bit," she said. She brought laughter when she confessed that she was tempted to keep some of the money at first. However, she ended up keeping her original resolution for she revealed, "Things were financially hard while I wasn't working, but I promised in the beginning that I would donate the money, so I didn't touch any of it."

Check out the songs written by Ivy below.

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