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Leessang to make their eighth album comeback this month

May 8, 2012 @ 3:53 am
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As mentioned in previous articles, Hip hop duo Leessang, who completely killed the digital charts last year, has announced that they'll be returning with their eighth studio album this month!

Ahead of their album's release on May 25th, the duo will be pre-releasing one of the tracks on the 18th. Although the members have been busy with individual schedules and variety programs, they've been diligently working on their return.

Last year, their "Turned Off the TV" was a hit everywhere on the charts, leaving fans anticipating their upcoming album all that much more.

Considering that member Gil's fellow 'Voice Korea' coach, Baek Ji Young, will be making her own comeback the day before Leessang's pre-release, it seems the charts will be a playground only for the strongest this month!

Source + Photos: OSEN

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