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'K-POP Star' contestants Baek Ah Yeon and Kim Na Yoon pose for 'ELLE Girl' magazine

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Baek Ah Yeon and Kim Na Yoon from mega-hit audition program 'K-Pop Star' recently showed off a new look.

The girls participated in a photo shoot for fashion magazine 'ELLE Girl', where they drew praise from the staff on set for their professional-like modeling talents.

For this particular shoot, the girls sported one-pieces dresses with vivid spring colors and bold prints that brought out their glowing, doll-like faces which seemed to have further blossomed through their participation in 'K-POP Star'.

After the photoshoot, the girls sat down for an interview in which Kim Na Yoon stated, "Even after I was eliminated, I made sure to run home by six o'clock to watch the live show every Sunday. I was the happiest when I made it into the top 10 and was able to live at the dorm. That day, everyone was excited and happy, and we became completely comfortable. That night was the first time I ate pigs' feet."

In addition, Baek Ah Yeon, nicknamed 'Strong Iron Heart', stated, "I really like the nickname that judge J.Y. Park gave me. After hearing that, I became more confident." She also talked about finalists Park Ji Min and Lee Ha Yi, saying, "Those girls were really overflowing with energy. When we would come back to the dorm, I tried to sleep right away because I was exhausted, but Ha Yi and Ji Min would keep waking me up and asking to play."

Source: OSEN via Nate


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