• Katie Kim explains why she chose to go to YG Entertainment

    April 20, 2015 @ 1:40 am

    Katie Kim got flustered by a fan's question.During the special episode that aired on the 19th, Katie Kim went out to eat with her parents. A fan approached her and her family and said, "I saw so much of her broadcast. You have a very talented daughter."She then flustered the singer by asking, "But how come you chose YG? I've been curious." Katie burst out laughing but answered, "Its musical tendencies matched me well." The fan answered back, "Hon

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  • Yang Hyun Suk gushes over J.Y. Park's 'Who's Your Mama?'

    April 14, 2015 @ 4:37 pm

    YG Entertainment's Yang Hyun Suk delivered his compliments to his long-time friend and fellow producer J.Y. Park for his recent track, "Who's Your Mama?" Currently, "Who's Your Mama?" is riding high on the charts while the music video surpassed 2 million views in just two days. The track has also garnered much praise from critics for its witty charms and an old school seductive sound that J.Y. Park is well known for.Yang Hyun Suk gushed over J.Y.

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  • Who is the mysterious female featuring in Jinusean's new song? Second video teaser reveals her identity

    April 13, 2015 @ 10:41 pm

    Jinusean have revealed the identity of that mysterious female in their first teaser through their second "mission" or video teaser! The mysterious lady is none other than 'K-Pop Star 3's Jang Han Na, who is also the featuring artist in Jinusean's comeback track, "Tell Me One More Time".  Take a look at the video above and the additional cut release of Jang Han Na below as we await the release on the 15th!

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  • Yang Hyun Suk talks about signing on 'K-Pop Star 4's Katie Kim

    April 13, 2015 @ 12:16 pm

    Katie Kim went on to win 'K-Pop Star 4' and got her pick of agencies to choose from, ultimately entering under the wing of Yang Hyun Suk in YG Entertainment!  The CEO talked about the new artist in an interview with Star News on April 13. He said, "Yesterday, after Katie Kim won 'K-Pop Star 4,' she chose YG Entertainment. Now I will worry about how to debut Katie Kim.  I will have Katie Kim eat the food at the YG restaurant well as well as have h

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  • Did your favorite contestant win 'K-pop Star 4'? Watch their performances here!!

    April 12, 2015 @ 9:17 pm

    The race to become the next K-Pop star has come to an end on SBS's 'K-Pop Star 4'!This weekend's episode was the finale pitting balladeer Jung Seung Hwan and soulful belter Katie Kim. It's been a long road but the pair had two more hurdles to climb before finding out who would take home the crown.In their first performance, they each had to sing a song the other sang in a previous episode. Katie sang "I Want To Fall In Love" a

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  • J.Y. Park to collaborate with trending female rapper, Jessi, for his comeback stage through 'K-Pop Star'

    April 7, 2015 @ 2:01 am

    By now, you've heard J.Y. Park is making a comeback, and now its been revealed his comeback stage will be on SBS' 'K-Pop Star'!It's quite unique that J.Y. Park will have his comeback stage on the competition show, rather than traditional music shows. But it seems like his love for the show, where he is a judge, is quite strong!On April 7, JYP Entertainment stated that on the upcoming April 12 finals episode of 'K-Pop Star Season 4', J.Y. Park wil

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  • Suzy, Lee Hi, and Kwon Jin Ah to have special collaboration performances with semi-finalists on 'K-pop Star 4'

    April 2, 2015 @ 2:27 am

    The anticipation for the semi-finals of 'K-Pop Star 4' just got even higher! miss A's Suzy, Lee Hi, and last year's semi-finalist Kwon Jin Ah will be performing special collaboration stages with this year's top 3 contestants!The upcoming April 5 airing of 'K-Pop Star 4' is the semi-finals between the top 3 contestants, Jung Seung Hwan, Katie Kim, and Lee Jin Ah, and one of them will be eliminated.The top 3 contestants will have a 'special stage'

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  • Girl's Day's Yura to join Jun Hyun Moo as MC for live broadcast of 'K-Pop Star 4'

    March 12, 2015 @ 1:27 am

    Girl's Day's Yura will be joining the popular singing survival program 'K-Pop Star 4' as a live broadcast MC! According to her agency, Yura will step in as the MC for the live broadcast of the singing program starting on March 15. The live broadcast will feature the top 8 finalists as they compete to become the last one standing, and serving as the main MC will be Jun Hyun Moo. Yura will be helping Jun Hyun Moo as she relays the energy of the cr

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  • Jason Mraz praises 'K-Pop Star' contestant Lee Jin Ah + reminds contestants to focus on music instead of competition

    February 19, 2015 @ 12:02 pm

    On February 19, SBS's 'K-Pop Star' released some previously undisclosed clips featuring the world famous American singer Jason Mraz for Lunar New Year.  The clips were recorded back in November 2014 when Jason Mraz was visiting Korea and took the time to answer contestants' questions as well as listen to their performances. In the clip shown above around the 2:00 minute mark, contestant Lee Jin Ah volunteers to perform. As she sin

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  • 'K-Pop Star 2's McKay releases MV for 'Angel 2 Me' with Jeff Bernat

    February 5, 2015 @ 11:09 pm

    McKay from Raccoon Boys of 'K-Pop Star 2' has finally made his debut after 2 years! He's taking his first step under the guidance of the veteran legend Shin Seung Hoon with the song "Angel 2 Me", which is actually in collaboration with Jeff Bernat!It's said that McKay is actually preparing for debut as part of an upcoming group as well, so it seems there is much to look forward to from this up and coming singer.Check out the Korean version

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