Up-and-coming actress Go Won Hee stars in 'The Cruze Version' CF for Chevrolet

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Up-and-coming actress Go Won Hee, who became well-known after filming a Penzal-Q CF with JYJ (previously earning her the nickname of "JYJ's girlfriend"), has quickly become the advertising world's Cinderella. She not only starred in a CF for Hershey Kisses, which many people recognize as the gateway to top stardom, but has now made the big jump to starring in a CF for Chevrolet.

"The Cruze Version' CF, which is currently on air, wittily portrays the scenario of a father teaching his young daughter how to drive. The tagline reads, "If you have a Chevrolet, hand the wheel over to your beginner driver daughter." In the CF, the father seems extremely nervous, while the daughter, played by Go Won Hee, is obliviously happy and excited to be driving. Go Won Hee plays the image of a lovable daughter very well according to viewers.

Netizens who saw the CF fell in love with her charm, and left comments such as, "The daughter who is smiling so brightly, as if she is having so much fun driving, is so lovable," "Just watching this lovable CF made me laugh," "The father and daughter look so affectionate!" "I wish I had a daughter like that. The model who plays the daughter is cute and refreshing," and "The daughter's innocent expression is so refreshing."

Go Won Hee, who is receiving a lot of love for the CF, was born in 1994 and debuted in 2011 in a commercial for Wooridul Chair. Despite her young age, she has already been in 15 CFs, including advertisements for big names like NH Nonghyup, SK Telecom, the Korean Tourism Organization, Naver, Hershey Kisses, Atopalm, Hanhwa PR, and Penzal-Q.

She has also starred in music videos for Ne:MO's "That Kind of Man" and B1A4's "Only Learned the Bad Things", and is acting in upcoming films 'Unknown Video' and 'Island House Baby.'

Source + Image: KW News via Naver


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