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2PM's Junho's "Move On" tops Japan's 'Recochoku'

March 15, 2012 @ 3:42 am
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Following the news of Junsu's "Alive" topping Japan's 'Recochoku' chart, fellow 2PM member Junho has pulled off the same feat with his own self-composed track, "Move On"!

Just like Junsu, Junho has been releasing his own works like "Give It to Me", and his various musical talents have been recognized by many. During 2PM's 'Hands Up Asia Tour', Junho had performed "Move On" as a special track with Wooyoung, which earned the explosive response of many.

The song has been included in 2PM's 'Best of Korea' album, and has also been released as a ringtone on Japan's biggest digital website, 'Rechocku'. Moments into its release, the song ranked first on the service's daily chart, demonstrating 2PM's explosive popularity in Japan.

JYP Entertainment expressed, "Following Junsu, Junho has ranked first on the 'Recochoku' chart. We're always thankful for the fans that support 2PM. The Best of Korea album that was released on March 14th is receiving a reaction that exceeds our expectations. We'll always work our hardest to come back with good news."

2PM will be holding their official fan meet on April 1st.

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