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Lee Jong Suk takes a photo with his fellow 'High Kick 3' actors

January 19, 2012 @ 3:31 am
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Actor Lee Jong Suk has revealed a recent photo he took with fellow 'High Kick 3' actors Baek Jin Hee and Kang Seung Yoon.

Lee Jong Suk shared the photo through his me2day on January 18th along with the caption, "Already! 'High Kick' has exceeded 80 episodes!".

"With time passing by so quickly, the time will probably come when I look back on the present as a memory and miss it, right?", he mused.

In the photo, the three actors gather closely together for the camera, each posing with a finger on their cheek to express their close relationship. Baek Jin Hee stood out especially by standing in between her male co-stars while giving a bright smile.

Netizens commented, "Ji Suk teacher is buried in his script behind the three people~", "Already 80 episodes? This is sad", and "I wish 'High Kick' would keep going!"

Source + Photo: Lee Jong Suk's me2day

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