Actor Yoo Seung Ho reveals that he suffered two injuries while filming his new drama

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It has been reported that actor Yoo Seung Ho (19) injured himself while filming for his new drama.

At a press conference for TV Chosun's 'Operation Proposal' that took place at the Ramada Hotel in Seoul on January 31st, the actor remarked, "I hurt both my heel and my wrist while filming the drama. Thankfully my heel has healed completely, but my wrist is still recovering so it's a little uncomfortable when filming."

In this particular drama, the actor plays the role of Kang Baek Ho, a man who realizes a little too late that he is in love with his friend, and is full of regret when he attends her wedding. Baek Ho who is a professional baseball player goes back in time to rekindle his first love.

The actor who plays a character that is bright and optimistic but passive when it comes to love has injured himself twice already while filming this drama series.

"There was a scene where I sneaked out of class. It was really cold that day and i didn't realize how high the fence was at the school. I twisted my foot in a awkward position and hurt my heel, but it's much better now," he explained. "I continued to film with my injured foot, but then I happened to injure my wrist too. I play the role of a baseball player, so its a little hard when I have to throw the baseball. My wrist hurts a lot when I have to film those scenes."

TV Chosun's 'Operation Proposal' is a spin-off of the popular Japanese melo-fantasy drama that Yamashita Tomohisa and Nagasawa Masami were in, and Yoo Seung Ho plays the male lead while Park Eun Bin plays the female lead. The first episode airs on February 8th.

Source & Image: SportSeoul via Nate


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