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Early Photos from Family Outing 2

As the first season of Family Outing ends, filming has begun for Family Outing Season 2. Recently, some photos from the first filming session has been…

   Monday, January 25, 2010   5,099   0   0


Filming for "Oh! Brothers" begins

On December 15th, the cast of Oh! Brothers started filming for the newest version of Xman. Nicole teamed up with Kim Tae Woo for a game of "Jumping …

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Special Features

Lee Su Geun visits F.Cuz

Following Sul Woon Do's visit to F.Cuz's MV filming set, gagman Lee Su Geun had a surprise visit as well! On the 16th, Lee Su Gun visited F.Cuz's MV …

   Thursday, December 17, 2009   1,580   0   0

Music Releases

Sul Woon Do visits F.Cuz

As you all know, Lee-U, a member of upcoming boy group F.Cuz, has a father who is a famous trot singer, Sul Woon Do. On the 15th, F.Cuz went to film …

   Wednesday, December 16, 2009   2,643   0   0


Gwanghwamun blocked off for IRIS

On November 28th, in a rare move, the Seoul Metropolitan Government allowed the KBS2 hit drama IRIS to close off a big section of Gwanghwamun for film…

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