SNSD's Jessica talks about a scary incident with a stalker

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During a recent recording of the popular variety show 'Strong Heart', SNSD member Jessica revealed a shocking story of an incident with a stalker. She stated,

"One day after a late dinner with friends, I was returning to our dorm apartment from a taxi and there was a suspicious man with an umbrella standing outside. I thought he was someone who lived in the same complex, but I knew something wasn't right."
She continued,
"I told my friends to go on ahead and pressed the code to go into the dormitory. I lived on the third floor, but the elevator was on the sixth, so I decided to walk up the stairs. I had weird feeling so I turned around, and  saw that an umbrella was stuck between the glass door to bypass the password protection. He was able to open the door and come in. I ran up the stairs as quickly as I could, but heard his footsteps following right behind me. I thought maybe that person also lived on the third floor or maybe the fourth. His footsteps became faster, so I ran to the dorm. Once I got inside, I heard the man trying to yank open our door. I stayed in there quietly with the lights off and checked my phone. My friends had called me a number of times. When I called them back, they had told me the taxi driver that dropped me off told them there was something suspicious about the guy they had seen standing outside. So they had called to check up on me. I told them what happened, and my friends arrived to the dorm and the man fled. Later when I talked to other SNSD members about it, they told me that they had also seen a guy with an umbrella standing outside the building a few days before as well."
Source + image via Star Today


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