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Happy Pledis unveils special family album, '2011 HAPPY PLEDIS'

November 30, 2011 @ 5:29 pm
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Moments ago, the music video for Happy Pledis' "Love Letter" was revealed, featuring a wide assortment of talent from After School, Son Dambi, and the Pledis Boys. Happy Pledis has just released the entire mini-album titled '2011 HAPPY PLEDIS', which features four jolly songs perfect for the upcoming Christmas holiday season, including a remix version of After School's past Christmas song, "Love Love Love". Check out some of the beautiful set of songs below, and help support the Pledis cause by purchasing the mini-album here. Some of the proceeds from the mini-album will go directly to those in need through UNICEF. - 01. Love Letter - 02. Winter's Tale - 03. 어떤가요 (How Are You) ===

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