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Winners from the '2011 Korea Drama Awards'

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On October 2nd, the '2011 Korea Drama Awards' kicked off its ceremony at the Kyungnam Culture & Arts Center. Hosted by Son Ho Young and Choi Song Hyun, the awards ceremony featured winners from 13 different categories, all of which were chosen through three rounds of rigorous judging.  The judge panel was made up of Korea's representative actor, Lee Soon Jae, pop culture critics, professors, reporters, and media professionals. The director of the ceremony stated, "The Korea Drama Awards is a ceremony that congratulates the successes of the most-loved dramas of the year.  We hope that everyone enjoys the event." -- Check out the winners below! - Daesang: Secret Garden (SBS) - Best Writer: Kim Eun Sook (Secret Garden) - Best Director: Kim Won Suk (Sungkyunkwan Scandal) - Best Actor: Lee Min Ho (City Hunter) - Best Actress: Yum Jung Ah (Royal Family) - Best Supporting Actor: Joo Sang Wook (Giant) - Best Supporting Actress: Lee Yuri (Shiny Shiny Shining) - Best Rookie Actor: Kim Soo Hyun (Dream High) - Best Rookie Actress: Im Soo Hyang (Paradise Ranch) - Cable TV: Jun Hye Bin (Yacha, OCN) - Popularity Award: Kim Soo Hyun (Dream High) - Hallyu Star Award: Lee Min Ho (City Hunter) - OST Award: Huh Gak (The Greatest Love - 'Don't Forget Me') -- Check out photos from the red carpet event below! [gallery link="file" order="DESC"] Source: Star News Photos: As tagged


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