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Investigators suspect that Jang Ja Yeon's letters were fabricated

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On March 10th, investigators from the National Institute of Scientific Investigation have revealed that they suspect the handwritten letters left behind by the late actress Jang Ja Yeon may in fact be fabricated. After netizens demanded that Jang Ja Yeon's case be re-opened, police obtained the rights to investigate the letters in question on March 9th and detailed their findings below. Investigators found a total of seven areas in 23 letters and 5 envelopes that brought up suspicions of fabrication. In their investigation, police discovered a faint line between the postmarked and recipient information. It was also revealed that parts of the letters, such as the postmark information, were cut up and pasted onto other letters before being sent to court. The part of the envelopes that contained the recipient information were revealed to have been cut 4cm x 1cm on three different envelopes, while others had holes punched in them. An individual named Jun (31) had revealed the existence of these letters, but considering the new forensic details of their handling, police are suspecting Jun of "intentionally attempting to hide where the letters were sent from." Police also found that out of the 2,439 letters that were exchanged from jail during the period of November 2003 to March 2010, none were sent by anyone named Jang Ja Yeon or her alias, 'Sulhwa.' Additionally, Jun was found to have been in possession of over 1,000 A4 papers that police suspected were used for copying. The National Institute of Scientific Investigation claimed that they will re-investigate the case once they find confirmation that the letters were indeed handwritten by Jang Ja Yeon. Source + Photos: MyDaily via Daum, Money Today via Naver, Asia Economy, BNT News, Money Today


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