Sneak peek at SHINee's Minho and Han Ji Hye's "Pianist" drama special

November 18, 2010 @ 3:02 pm
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We reported a week ago that SHINee's Minho would be making his acting debut alongside actress Han Ji Hye for a special one episode KBS drama series, titled, 'Pianist'. The filming set at a piano factory in Incheon was opened to the press on the evening of November 18th, as a first-hand sneak peek of what is to come was previewed. Minho plays a piano prodigy who has to keep his talents under lock due to various circumstances, but when he comes across a piano teacher, played by Han Ji Hye, his talents emerge as they begin a love story together. This will mark Han Ji Hye's return to a local drama after a two year absence since "East of Eden", while Minho will be making his acting debut in a lead role. Due to the 16th Asian Games broadcast, the drama special will air on December 4th instead. [gallery] Source: TV Daily Photos: As Tagged

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