Han Ji Hye reveals her fashion must-have

Actress Han Ji Hye dished out a secret on how to maintain a perfect profile, and the fashion must-have that she deems is necessary. The hidden …

   Tuesday, April 2, 2013   35,358   49,089   0
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Maknae hoodie


Actress Han Ji Hye is getting married!

Actress Han Ji Hye will get married on September 21st in Hawaii. The 27-year-old star and has been dating a prosecutor for almost two years.  Not…

   Thursday, August 5, 2010   16,339   0   0

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Han Ji Hye for Cosmopolitan

Fashionista Han Ji Hye recently traveled to the Big Apple in New York to flaunt her stuff for fashion magazine Cosmopolitan! Han Ji Hye went to las…

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Han Ji Hye is a Snow Queen

If you're wondering why our lovely actress Han Ji Hye looks like the wicked White Queen from The Chronicles of Narnia, you're definitely not alone. A…

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[POLL] Battle of the Waist Line

As an interesting topic on Nate, we thought we would let you guys decide which celebrity has the best waist line! Candidates for this poll include Hwa…

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Han Ji Hye goes GREEN

Han Ji Hye posed for the June issue of the fashion magazine 'W Korea' to promote social awareness for environmental protection. Han Ji Hye is the amb…

   Tuesday, May 19, 2009   1,714   0   0