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Girl's Day Minah 'steps up' for Korea's first 3D dance film

November 4, 2010 @ 1:33 am
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Girl's Day member Minah has been casted for Korea's first 3-D dance movie, "Performer"! "Performer" will revolve around hip hop dance, and has been referred to as the 'Korean version' of America's highly-popular 'Step Up' series. Minah is slotted to play a female breakdancer who is also a bit of a bad student. Filming begins at the end of November and producer Choi Young Il, who has worked in both Korea and the States, will oversee the production. Minah auditioned in April of this year and won the part recently. She said, "I'm nervous because it is my first acting role. Its a dance movie but I think it will be different from performing. I will learn a lot from the experience." Minah has made a name for herself through her crazy personality on variety shows; it appears that she's trying to grab the triple-crown roles as 'singer-entertainer-actress'. The Girl's Day maknae has also released her track for the 'Jungle Fish 2' OST, which you can check out below. Source + Photo: NTN DB

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