Naked Girls on stage!

September 15, 2010 @ 10:22 pm
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Now that's something every guy wouldn't mind seeing, but nah, these girls are all covered up, somewhat... "Adult" girl group (if there is such a thing), "Naked Girls," held their showcase performance on the 15th in Kyung Ki Do, which was met with a fairly large amount of interest. The group consists of the 3 anchors from the "Naked News" program, which closed its doors back in July of 2009, after much controversy.  But that's not stopping these girls from getting back into the limelight - camel toe and all. Although, we probably won't see these girls on popular music programs anytime soon, we can still hope... or maybe not.  The only thing attractive about this group is their groups' name. But if you're feeling these girls, apparently they are pretty active in Japan and it looks like they will be in Korea as well. [gallery]

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